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Regarding me and my art,


I have never felt anything much matters other than the art itself.


The minutia of my career in art - why I became an artist, which jobs I have done or companies I’ve worked for, which of my works did or didn’t  get a ribbon - shouldn’t really influence one’s opinion concerning my paintings should it?


But apparently it does - so here you go.


I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia. In college I majored in Industrial Technology and Graphic Design. Essentially, I taught myself to draw and then taught myself to paint. My first real job was as a political cartoonist. As my skills improved, I began to receive requests for more serious work including advertising, sports prints and book illustration. Now my focus is on creating work which isn’t related to  to a product. Work which stands alone and only connects with the viewer.


This website mostly contains examples of this new direction. 


If the image I create does little else than look pretty - I am disappointed. I’m happiest when my painting sparks the imagination, suggests a story or stirs some emotion.


Through the years I have been primarily influenced by the work of old masters and famous illustrators.


So there you have it. I hope you enjoy my efforts.



Michael Montgomery


Georgia Southern

University of Georgia

New York City


2022 - NCAA Juried Exhibition 'Best in Show'

2019 - NGAA Juried Exhibition 'First Place' 

2019 - Sugar Rush Juried Exhibition '2nd Place'

2007 - Society of Illustrators ‘The Original Art Show’

2000 - NAHEE  Children’s Book Award

1999 - Parents Choice Children’s Book Award Silver


1985 - 1986 Mad Magazine

1982 - 1985 Athens Observer

1985 - The National review

1985 - 1986 USA Today Magazine

1984 - 1986 New York City tribune

1990 - ‘Night America

1990 - Athens Magazine

1991 - Steadfast Tin Soldier

1992 - Itty Bitty Kiddies

1994 - Night Rabbits

1995 - Johnny Appleseed

1995 - 1997 Florida Sports News

1996 - Gator Greatness

2002 - Over the Candlestick

2007 - Santa's 11 Months Off

2008 - First Dog Fala

2013 - Darling - The Dog Chronicles

2014 - Murphy - The Dog Chronicles

2015 - Finder - The Dog Chronicles

2017 - Leo - The dog Chronicles

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